Share your contact information like magic

InfoShare allows you to share only the information you choose from a selected contact.

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Multiple ways to share

Share via AirDrop, email or text message – or generate a QR code that can be read by any device with a QR reader.


  • Platform independent. Share contact info with almost anyone
  • Customize/Limit which parts of contact information are shared
  • Optionally include time and event data in transfer
  • Select any data of any of your contacts to share
  • Name and save selected info for future use, e.g. "My personal contact info", "Ed (carpentry)"
  • read QR code with any device running iOS 11 or later
  • read QR code with non-Apple devices that have integrated QR reader or QR app installed
  • Selected data is shared in standard vcard format so recipient will be prompted to save a new contact in the contacts app for their device